Tech List

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application to join our tech crews this semester; we are excited to collaborate with you all! The following is the tech list for this semester. Be on the look out for information about the first tech meeting. If you submitted an application, but do not see your name, or if you missed the chance to submit an application, but are still interested in joining our crew, contact us at


Technical Director - Ruby Yang

Asst. Technical Director - Sam Curley

Asst. Technical Director - Sabrina Ichiho

Asst. Technical Director - Jennifer Lee

Stage Manager - Dominique Okoh

Asst. Stage Manager - Vivian Cao

Asst. Stage Manager - Erin Mc Sweeney

Asst. Stage Manager - Maggy Skaza

Asst. Stage Manager - Rudy Meyer

Lighting Designer - Megan Antone

Asst. Lights - Erin Maguire

Asst. Lights - Dev Bhatia

Asst. Lights - Katie ORourke

Asst. Lights - Kylie Semel

Asst. Lights - Xiaowen Wu

Sound Designer - Evan Gonzales

Asst. Sound - Esiri Madagwa Jr.

Asst. Sound - Chinda Eleonu

Asst. Sound - Yangdong (Anne) Zhang

Head Costume - Kaela Sanborn

Asst. Costume - Sahana Sreeprakash

Asst. Costume - Matthew Dalton

Asst. Costume - Hyerim Seo

Asst. Costume - Becky Summit

Head Hair & Make up - Ansley Nurkin

Asst. Hair & Make up - Rachel Smith

Asst. Hair & Make up - Melissa Ngai

Asst. Hair & Make up - Shaina Horstmann

Asst. Hair & Make up - Graham Rodes

Asst. Hair & Make up - Daniela Zubillaga

Head Props - Kylie Nelson

Asst. Props - Mac Wylie

Asst. Props - Rob Nunes

Set Designer - Joseph Guptill

Master Carpenter - Jillian Jordan

Build/Run - Abisola Akinsete

Build/Run - Lucas Taylor

Build/Run - Destiny Rivera

Build/Run - Connor Anderson

Head Set Decoration - HwaYoun Ella Kang

Asst. Set Decoration - Angel Kim

Asst. Set Decoration - Alexis Rindner

Asst. Set Decoration - Devon Mikaniewicz

Asst. Set Decoration - Cheyanne (Charlie) Francis


Technical Director - Megan Antone

Asst. Technical Director - Devon Mikaniewicz

Asst. Technical Director - Julia Hutcherson

Stage Manager - Flannery Abbey

Asst. Stage Manager - Irene Alexakos

Asst. Stage Manager - Matthew Segalla

Asst. Stage Manager - Sahana Sreeprakash

Dramaturg - Olivia Fumiatti

Dramaturg - Caroline Bohnenberger

Lighting Designer - Ruby Yang

Asst. Lights - Erin Maguire

Asst. Lights - Yangdong (Anne) Zhang

Sound Designer - Griffin Buch

Asst. Sound - Joe Grand

Asst. Sound - Evan Gonzales

Head Costumes - Bibi Belknap Fernandez

Asst. Costumes - Mady Killay

Asst. Costumes - Zenia Valdiviezo

Asst. Costumes - Jennifer Lee

Head Hair & Make up - Laurren Henning

Asst. Hair & Make up - Hannah Glickenhaus

Asst. Hair & Make up - Graham Rodes

Asst. Hair & Make up - Ansley Nurkin

Head Props - Gaby Nitorreda

Asst. Props - Arianna Andrews

Asst. Props - Ruby Yang

Set Designer - Alexis Rindner

Master Carpenter - Connor Anderson

Build/Run - Abisola Akinsete

Build/Run - Sabrina Ichiho

Build/Run - Destiny Rivera

Build/Run - Andrew Su

Head Set Decoration - Kylie Nelson

Asst. Set Decoration - Joseph Guptill

Asst. Set Decoration - Cheyanne (Charlie) francis

Asst. Set Decoration - Rob Nunes