Pitching A Show

If you would like to pitch a show, please send us a Letter of Intent to Pitch by Friday, May 11th at 11:59PM. Below are examples of good pitches as a resource as well as the format for what your final pitch should look like. You will need, at minimum, a director and music director, but you may also choose to add a choreographer for dance heavy shows. 

Pitches are due in PDF format to in On Broadway email by May 18th at 11:59pm. Since the bulk of the decision process will take place over the summer, after your group sends in the pitch document, we will be in contact with you about scheduling times for google hangouts or for videos to be sent in.

For Directors, we wish to schedule a google hangout with you for you to talk the Eboard through a scene in your show. Traditionally, this scene would be one of the harder scenes in the show that needs discussion about content and your explanation of your vision for the scene as a director. We are really looking to see your directing style as well as how you think about a scene and how it should be discussed and acted. In addition to this discussion, you are required to have some sort of meeting or video chat with Ruby (tryang@bu.edu) to discuss set design and the tech vision. 

For Music Directors, we will be in contact with you about setting up a due date for a recorded video of you teaching a song from your show to someone to show off your abilities as a teacher. The reason we ask for you to teach an actual person is so we can see how you are able to take what the person is singing and form feedback or corrections in the music. If you do not necessarily have anyone to teach in the video, reach out to us and we can work with you!

For Choreographers, we will be in contact with you in setting up a due date for a recorded video of you teaching a dance to a song from your show. The video does not have to be the entire song, rather 15 or so minutes of you actually teaching the choreo a portion of the song. 

In addition, for each show, the team will be asked to incorporate a part of their vision in a tangible way to present to the pitch committee. Some examples of what a team could do include: costume sketches or pictures of the vision for the set. 

We are looking for teams to take initiative and be creative throughout.