Pitching A Show

If you would like to pitch a show, please send us a Letter of Intent to Pitch by Sunday, April 1st at 11:59PM. Pitches will take place on April 15th, if you are planning on pitching or being in pitch committee, please have this entire day cleared. Below are examples of good pitches as a resource as well as the format for what your final pitch should look like. You will need, at minimum, a director and music director, but you may also choose to add a choreographer for Dance Heavy Shows. 

Teams will present their vision to a committee and explain why they think this show and team would be the best fit for On Broadway's Spring Season. As part of the presentation, the music directors should prepare a piece of music from the show to teach the committee. Directors should also prepare to lead the committee in a directorial exercise (blocking, character work, etc.) they plan to use during their process. And choreographers should prepare a section of choreography to teach the pitch committee. In addition, for each show, the team will be asked to incorporate a part of their vision in a tangible way to present to the pitch committee. Some examples of what a team could do include: costume sketches or pictures of the vision for the set. 

We are looking for teams to take initiative and be creative throughout. 

Pitch Committee

Pitch Committee is a great opportunity to get involved and see what goes into choosing the shows for OB. We are looking for committed, honest members who can add a fresh point of view to the committee. The pitching will take place on Saturday December 2nd and could last for a large portion of the day. If you are applying to be on Pitch Committee you must be able to commit to the full day with no conflicts.

If you would like to be on Pitch Committee, please send a letter of intent to the account, onbrdway@bu.edu. In your letter, please provide your involvement in OB and why you think your perspective would be a good contribution on pitch day. Please be as detailed as possible. We are accepting letters from now until Sunday, April 1st at 11:59PM.